Prusa i3 - 3D Printer Full Kit

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This kit is based on the Prusa i3 Rework, including all parts you need to build a 3D printer and make your first prints.

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Data sheet

Print Size ( X Y Z ) 200mm x 200mm x 180mm
Layer Resolution 100 Microns
Chassis Aluminum, Plexiglas or Steel
Printing Filament ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, etc
Filament Diameter 3mm or 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm (ask us for specific sizes)
Machine Dimensions 420mm x 370mm x 380mm
Shipping box dimensions 400mm x 200mm x 400mm
Shipping Box Weight 10 kg
Print Speed 50-100 mm/s (recommended)
Print Plate Size 200mm x 200mm
Print Plate (Build Platform) Aluminum Mk3 Heatbed
AC Input 110V or 220V (switch)
Extruders Number 1
Power Supply 12V 33A
Connectivity USB
Electronics Arduino Mega 2560 and RAMPS 1.4
3D Printing Software Pronterface or Repetier
CAD Input data file format supported .stl and .gcode
Client Operating System Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Print in dual color Optional

More info

This kit is complete and includes

  • 1x Set of black Moulded ABS plastic parts (only the body extruder is 3D printed) ;
  • 1x Frame and carriage ;
  • 1x Full metal extruder with thermistor and heater cartridge ;
  • 1x Heatbed Mk3 with thermistor ;
  • 1x Arduino Mega2560 R3 ;
  • 1x Ramps 1.4 and 4 stepsticks A4988 ;
  • 1x Power Supply 400W 33A 12V DC (110V and 220V) ;
  • 1x Fan 4x4 ;
  • 1x Hobbed bolt ;
  • 3x Mechanical endstop ;
  • 2x GT2 pulleys and nelts ;
  • 5x NEMA 17 stepper motor ;
  • 11x LM8UU linear bearing ;
  • 2x Coupling 5x5 ;
  • 4x 608 ball bearing ;
  • 1x 624 ball bearing ;
  • 1x MDF insulation plate ;
  • Complete set of screws, grub screw, washers, nut and nylstop nut ;
  • Stainless steel threaded and smooth rods ;
  • Connection cables.


  • 1x pool of white ABS filament, 1kg, 3mm or 1.75mm
  • Polyimide Tape 33m x 50mm (Kapton tape)
  • LCD Screen 2004
  • SD Card

Frames thickness

  • Steel: 3mm
  • Aluminium: 6mm



If any part is damaged on arrival, we replace it free of charge. Our plastic parts are now moulded, not 3D printed anymore (except from the extruder body), although it's now very strong, we suggest that you print backup parts once your printer is running.

What is the difference with standard Prusa i3 ?

  • Plastic parts are reinforced
  • Couplings are in stainless steel
  • Endstops are better located
  • Y-axis belt can be tighten easily
  • Print surface on carbon plate
  • Y-axis threaded rods are 10mm thick


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