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Prusa i3 Dual Extruder Upgrade Kit

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$ 90.00

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Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.5 mm


This kit enables you to upgrade your Prusa i3 single extruder to a Prusa i3 Dual bowden extruder.

It contains :

  • Stepper motor, x1
  • Stepper motor cable, x1
  • Pre-cabled fan and heater, x2
  • Heatsink, x2
  • 3D printed Nozzle Holder x1
  • 3D printed Extruder Drive Holder x2
  • 3D printed Large Gear x2
  • 3D printed Small Gear x2
  • 3D printed Tongue x2
  • Ormerod extruder 1.75mm 0.5mm, x2
  • Stepper motor driver, x1
  • 623 bearing (10mm diameter), x2
  • M3x12mm countersunk socket screw, x6
  • M3x16mm countersunk socket screws, x4
  • M3x40mm cap screws, x4
  • Hobbed insert, x2
  • M3 nyloc nut, x2
  • M3x25mm hex head screw, x2
  • MR93ZZ bearing (9mm diameter), x4
  • 4mm diameter PTFE tube, x2
  • 100K thermistor, x2
  • Transparent PTFE heatshrink, x2
  • MDF heat insulator, x2
  • Fan spacer, x2
  • 3mm diameter PTFE tube, x2
  • RAMPS connection cable, x2


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