About us

Our company

Co-founded in 2012 by Gilles and Brice, Replikeo is a company of passionate people based in Hong Kong and Xiamen (South China). We are specialized at producing personal open 3D printer kits and by-product open hardware. Gilles, graduated in Chinese Studies and Marketing, is in charge of sourcing and marketing. Brice, IT engineer, is in charge of our R&D.

Our goal is to supply top quality products at the most affordable price. We believe 3D printing is the next technological leap that will change the world and we would like to make it easy while keeping it open.


Email is our preferred contact method and we respond promptly to all emails. You can send your questions, feedbacks or suggestions to sales@replikeo.com or through the contact form. Although we don't provide phone number here because of time difference, we can provide Skype contact on demand if you wish to chat or talk about specific question, and ultimately phone number if needed.

Our team


Quality control and price policy

We decided to settle in Hong Kong and South China to be close to factories working with us for two main reasons. The first one is to ensure high and constant quality control of all components we supply. The second is to lower production costs by reducing intermediaries in order to offer the best prices.

While most constituent parts of 3D printers such as electronics and motors are nowadays produced in South-East Asia for lower production costs, many 3D printers enthousiasts aroused concerns about uncertain quality of goods supplied by some factories. We believe our hard work is contributing to put an end to these concerns.